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(Sandy) Alex G Ramblin' Gambler Misc Misprint Bonanaza 2018

$7.00 / Sold Out

Are you a ramblin' enough gambler to put it all on the line no matter the cost at a reasonable price?

Learn to rope 'em and ranch 'em and hold 'em and fold 'em with a genuine one-of-a-kine (sandy) Alex G irregular promotio-skin!

We all make mistakes and as a result, our cup runneth over with MISPRINTS, GHOST PRINTS, DOUBLE PRINTS and INK STAINED STOCK from 2015,2016,2017, and 2018

Many of these shirts are out of print and will ne'er be seen again probably, some are printed on the front and back. Many only have a teeny ink stain or printing error on em. ALL of them are irregular and ALL of them are GUARANTEED LEGIBLE

Just pick a size and our trained staff will select a suitable garment at random out of the box and send it to you in the mail


ships in 3-6 days